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Welcome to MM! WikiaEdit

MM! Wikia is an under-construction Wikia about the anime MM!. Though the community is tiny, if not non-existent, any and all are free to add their contributions to this wikia in the hopes that it may become something to be proud of!

What is MM! about?Edit

MM! is a light novel, released as an anime in late 2012, that follows the school life of Sado Tarō, a masochist who resents his fetish as he feels it handicaps his chances of revealing his feelings to his love. His friend, Hayama Tatsukichi is accepting of Tarō, instead of ridiculing him for his masochism, refers him to the Second Volunteering Club where he meets Isurugi Mio, A self appointed god, who pledges to fulfill his wish of losing his masochism. Sado also meets Arashiko Yuuno at the Second Volunteering Club to help cure her Androphobia.


1. Sharp, Descending First Love! ! 直滑降ファーストラブっ!
2. The Distance Between Similar People 似たものどうしのディスタンス
3. The Dogfight For You 君のためのドッグファイト
4. With This and That The (Stupid) Couple そんなこんなでカップルバカップル
5. The Genius Girl's Runaway Panic! 天才少女の暴走パニック!
6. My Mayhem-Filled Home 騒乱だらけのマイホーム
7. A Midsummer's Love Triangle? 真夏のトライアングルラブ?
8. A 'B and L' Patterned LoveB でLな変愛模様
9. MFC`s Elegant ConspiracyMFC の華麗なる陰謀
10. Miss Sadistic Arashiko サディスティック嵐子嬢
11. The Lost Memory 失われたメモリー
12. A Christmas Wish クリスマスの願いごと
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